Taylor Davis

We’d like for all of you to meet Taylor Davis! She’s new to the competitive UTV scene but we’re excited to support her and watch her start her competitive career in her Can-Am X3. You may have seen her before on the sidelines at some of the CORR races in the past or the BITD series races, shooting photo coverage of the events. But now, she’s had her X3 for over a year and ready to “out run the boys”! Outside of Can-Am life, you might just find her competing in horse barrel racing. She’s an avid UTV enthusiast, and loves everything about the industry. She’s continuing to learn and grow her performance driving techniques and building and maintaining her build.



Taylor is rocking really modest modifications on her Can-Am focusing more on getting more out of the factory build before going full custom. Currently she’s rocking the Fabwerx cage and doors, along with the S3 Pullplate, Bulkhead, Shock Tower Brace, and Gusset kit, topped off with the Shock Therapy Toe Link Support kit . Her wheels are currently wrapped with BFGoodrich’s mud terrain KM3’s.

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Brook Lynn Deman

At just 16 years old, Miss Deman is killing it out on the track! Brook was in the pits for a race team in the WORCS series of 2018, getting to not just see, but be apart of the atmosphere and environment of this industry. Whilst out there she saw that the scene was not just filled with dudes but also dudettes. She turned to her dad and simply asked “Can I do this too?”, to which he replied “hell yeah!”. Well not exactly like that, but being her biggest supporter, he said” if this is what you want to do, let’s do it!” and that’s where her UTV competitive career started.

In March of 2018, Brook got into a 2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 900. And just six months later, she competed in her first race at Glen Helen Raceway in September 2018. And guess what… she came in 1st! Truth is, I know she is absolutely pumped to be competing in a race scene filled mostly guys. And she’s not just participating in these races; she’s the real deal, she’s a true competitor.

Race History/Started mid-series 2018

Sept. 2018 Devore, CA Glen Helen Raceway -         1st place WORCS Series

Nov. 2018 Primm, NV                   3rd place WORCS Series - SXS World Finals

Nov. 2018 Lake Elsinore, CA -                 3rd place - Women’s Shootout

1st place DIRT Series 900 Class

2019 Season to Date

Jan. 2019 Primm, NV  -                    1st place WORCS Series

Feb. 2019 Lake Havasu, AZ                 1st Place WORCS Series

March 2019 Peoria, AZ                     3rd Place WORCS Series

April 2019 Laughlin, NV                     3rd place UTV WC - UTV Prod 900

April 2019 Las Vegas, NV                 1st place in class WORCS Series

5th place overall WORCS Series

May 2019 Mesquite, NV                 4th place WORCS Series

June 2019 Ridgecrest, CA                  1st place in class DP4 Racing Series

6th overall DP4 Racing Series


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Rob DiCarlo

Everybody meet the owner of Those Side by Side Guys, Rob DiCarlo! He’s been into competitive racing since the age of 15. Starting with dirt bikes and quickly moving onto drag racing at the age of 17. He’s made a name for himself as a drag car builder and driver in the California drag racing scene since 1982. In 2017, Rob got into competitive UTV racing the moment he purchased his 2018 Can-Am XRS Turbo 1000R. One thing he loves about UTV racing over drag racing is the blend of rough terrain, endurance, the lack of limits, and the community. He’s a die hard racer and believes these performance UTV’s are shaking up the off-road industry and helping keep the off-road racing scene alive. When he’s not out on a course, you’ll find him building other race vehicles or racing his drag car, a fully drag built 1967 Camaro. Soon he plans to take the TSBSG race team to Baja. But for now, Team TSBSG will compete in the 250, the Mint 400, Best of the Desert, and the Nevada to Reno races. The team is also currently active racers in the DP4 series races. 


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