Maverick X3 64" Boxed Upper A Arms

Maverick X3 64" Boxed Upper A Arms

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Our upper a arms bring more to the table than what meets the eye. Our boxed design adds strength to the front of the machine and also more rigidity in design. The shock mounting location have been beefed up a tremendous amount over stock as well which that part of the stock a arm is a known weak spot.  What sets these apart from others is the geometry changes that we've made to the arm. Caster has changed and the high speed stability will greatly increase with the machine while not hurting the turning at low speeds.  No more fighting to keep the car straight or fight a wondering steering wheel in the choppy stuff.  If you want more strength out of your machine, better handling and great styling then these are for you.  These will clear the Halo locker!

The ramped surface on the top of the spindle will have to be cut off and ground smooth with use of these arms!

The majority of aftermarket axles will work with these but they will get close to the bottom side of the a arm.  Some aftermarket axles with abnormally large shafts like Revolution axles will hit the arms unless suspension travel is limited.