Maverick X3 Race Tie Rods with Bump Steer Combo (BSC)

Maverick X3 Race Tie Rods with Bump Steer Combo (BSC)

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These tie rods will never leave you stranded, they feature 1.125" solid billet 7075 aluminum rod with wrench flats.
We use only the best joints on the market which are JMX series FK 5/8 rod end. These joints use a fabric based teflon liner known as a PTFE liner. The inner joint housing is compressed to create a preload on the ball that will stay tight roughly 3 times longer than a standard injected teflon rod end, which is standard in the industry.
The length is cut to have maximum thread engagement on the rod end while still keeping full adjustment.  We use a thread forming tap which compresses the aluminum vs cutting away material with a conventional tap.  This allows for the strongest threads possible.
Threads onto factory inner tie rod.
Our misalignment spacers are 303 stainless steel and feature ST BSC geometry.  This moves the pivot point of the outer tie rod down to help with bump steer. 
Sold in pairs