PWRTUNE Power Vision CX 2017 X3 Turbo
PWRTUNE Power Vision CX 2017 X3 Turbo
PWRTUNE Power Vision CX 2017 X3 Turbo
PWRTUNE Power Vision CX 2017 X3 Turbo
PWRTUNE Power Vision CX 2017 X3 Turbo
PWRTUNE Power Vision CX 2017 X3 Turbo
PWRTUNE Power Vision CX 2017 X3 Turbo

PWRTUNE Power Vision CX 2017 X3 Turbo

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CanAm Maverick X3 Turbo 2017

New Color Screen Next Gen Dynojet Power Vision

all 2017 X3 models (including standard, X DS, X RS, Max)

Dynojet Power Vision now with pwrTune performance tuning for the CanAm X3 Maverick X3 is a performance tuner and data monitor that offers the latest flash tuning technology, real-time data monitoring, and more. Using the Dynojet Power Vision you can now purchase one or more of our performance tunes for your X3 and have the added benefit of live telemetry, data logging, read and clear trouble codes, and more. Your Power Vision unit will come pre-loaded with the tune(s) of your choice customized with your options.

The Power Vision unit plugs into your vehicles data port, you select your tune and program to your car (takes about 15 minutes). You can put back to stock anytime. Once flashed with a performance tune the screen will show live telemetry: engine temp, boost, throttle position, etc. You can leave the Power Vision plugged in or you can disconnect and leave it in the trailer, your tune will remain in your cars ECU.

Select one or More Tuning Stages Above
If you are unsure of which tune is best for you, or you may like multiple versions of the same tune with different options, you can select how many tunes you would like now and we will contact you via phone or email. Power Vision units are programmed and shipped out within 1-2 business days, sorry same day purchase / programming / shipping service is not available.

Performance Stages using the Stock Airbox
  • Super Stock SS 13psi - Entry Level Tune with or without Exhaust
    • +19 HP to the wheels
    • calculates to 178 motor horsepower
  • Stage 1 13.5psi - minimum 91 octane Stock Exhaust
    • +23.3 HP to the wheels
    • calculates to 183.2 motor horsepower
  • Stage 2 14.5psi - minimum 91 octane
    • Requires Performance Exhaust
    • +28.2 HP to the wheels (with slip-on muffler or cat delete)
    • calculates to 189.4 motor horsepower
    • +31.1 HP to the wheels (with full exhaust)
    • calculates to 193 motor horsepower
  • Stage 3 15.5psi - minimum 91 octane
    • Requires Full Performance Exhaust
    • +33 HP to the wheels
    • calculates to 195.4 motor horsepower
  • Stage 4 16psi - minimum 93 octane
    • Requires Full Performance Exhaust
    • +37.5 HP to the wheels
    • calculates to 201 motor horsepower
Performance Stages tuned for use with a Velocity Intake
Note: all of the following tunes were developed with a full performance exhaust with a cat delete header and free flowing performance muffler.
  • Stage 3int 15.5psi - minimum 91 octane
    • +37.3 HP to the wheels
    • calculates to 200.8 motor horsepower
  • Stage 4int 16psi - minimum 93 octane
    • +42.2 HP to the wheels
    • calculates to 206.9 motor horsepower

Purchase Additional Tunes Tunes Later via Email.

You can purchase additional tunes anytime and we can send them to you via email. Additional standard tunes will start at $100 each,, customization and special programming available and could be an additional charge.

PwrTune 2017 X3 Turbo

The testing miles and dyno hours are still adding up developing our X3 tunes to also be the best on the market! If you are looking for the best performance and driveabilty you want a pwrTune for your X3. All of our tunes will run hard all day and they run smooth no hiccups or stumbles. Our hard work and time spent has paid off and the throttle response are power are a huge improvement over the slightly lazy stock feel. Perfected fuel maps for each tune with performance ignition timing for use with premium pump gas minimum 91 and higher octane tunes. You will get 100% throttle in Sport and still retain ECO mode performance.

There are several performance stages beginning with our entry level Super Stock SS with 13psi boost. This tune is for those looking for just a little more power with the option to lower cooling fan temp, remove speed limiters, etc. The SS tune numbers are shown on an all stock car but work great with exhaust mods too.

All of our minimum 91 or 93 octane tunes will run the best on fresh pump premium fuel. If you are lucky enough to have easy access to either 93 octane fuel where you live you can take advantage of out stage 4 or 4int tuning. If you are going to mix higher octane racing fuel with pump gas to attain a higher octane level you should consult your local fuel provider for the correct ratio. There is no octane booster on the market that I know of which will raise the correct octane level.

Clutching: all of these tunes have been tested for comparability using the stock clutching. Performance clutching is strongly suggested for performance and belt life in every tuning stage. Every machine is different and a modified machine with different tire sizes and added bolt on's will react differently to more power than an all stock machine with stock tires.

Waste-gate crack pressure adjustment for your 2017: All of these tunes were developed using the stock 6.5lb waste gate crack pressure. If you have not checked your waste gates adjustment from the factory it could be a good idea to verify it is correctly adjusted. For our tunes to work best the crack pressure should be set at 6-7lbs with all tuning stages.

All Power Level Features
  • Increased Turbo Boost psi
  • Removed Torque Limiters
  • Removed Speed Limiters (optional)
  • Sport Low (optional)
  • Improved Throttle Response over Stock
  • Performance Spark Timing
  • Optimized Fuel Maps for great power and throttle response
  • Increased RPM limiter
    • Suggested set to 8600rpm
    • Totally optional, your choice stock or higher
  • Lower cooling fan on/off temps (optional)
  • Add the ability to start the engine with no brake in any gear
  • No need for run a piggyback fuel controller
  • Retains ECO mode
  • Ready for your performance clutch tuning
  • Left foot brake enabled
  • Purchase additional tunes anytime, sent via email