Spare Tire Carrier (PRE ORDER) - Flat Mount - 73 Fabrication - TSBSG
Spare Tire Carrier (PRE ORDER) - Flat Mount - 73 Fabrication - TSBSG

Spare Tire Carrier (PRE ORDER) - Flat Mount - 73 Fabrication - TSBSG

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Here's our new Flat Mount Spare Tire Carrier for Can Am X3 models

It's a full bolt-on kit and includes all the hardware. Powder coated satin black to maintain the OEM look whilst being more durable from weathering
Made from 120 wall steel tubing

ETA: October 2021

We're in the process of figuring out the shipping costs. We're trying to find an affordable solution to get this tire carrier to our customers that won't cost them an arm and a leg. We've gotten quotes through all of the major shipping companies and they're asking hundreds of dollars. Because of this, we are currently planning to use Greyhound for their shipping services. Note: this shipping service is station to station; you will have to pick this up from the station / facility. Greyhound offers a very affordable shipping service but is only a station to station delivery and does not deliver to your door step. This tire carrier doesn't require a forklift or trailer for transport. It only weighs about 60 lbs, but the size seems to be hurting our ability to affordably ship it via Fedex, UPS, USPS, DHL, etc. 

Keep in mind, due to the variable shipping rates offered with Greyhound, you can place a pre order for our tire carrier now to reserve your product, but you will need to pay the shipping after we can get an estimate from Greyhound to ship to your local Greyhound station / facility. 

The way the process will work is that you pay $349.99 which reserves your product and also pays for your product as well. You have the option to pick it up locally if you like and avoid shipping costs all together. If you do need it shipped, give us a call and let us know you've placed a pre order for this. We can give you the estimated shipping costs and you have a choice between keeping the pre order or we can refund you. If you don't call us, we'll call or email you with the shipping estimate and you will have the option again to accept or receive a refund.